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Trips to Berlenga island

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Who are we?

We are a young, friendly team with experience in the area, we carry out sea-tourist trips to the Berlengas Archipelago and other leisure activities.

Berlenga Live was born in 2017, with the aim of providing unique and unforgettable moments to our customers.

Our team has a vast knowledge of the sea and, since they were very young, an immense passion for it and for our island.

Both our skippers and our sailors are professional fishermen, as well as tour operators, from a young age, thus having the necessary experience to provide you with a trip carried out in absolute safety and with all the care that the sea requires.

Come and discover for the first time or simply revisit the natural paradise of the Berlengas archipelago and have unforgettable experiences.

We are waiting for you.

Meet our team

Natural reserve
The berlengas


The islands





Good conduct

The Berlengas archipelago is located off Peniche, south of the Nazaré submarine canyon, on the edge of the continental shelf and in a maritime region known for its relatively high biological productivity.

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The islands of Berlenga Grande, Estelas and Farilhões are part of the archipelago. The Berlengas Natural Reserve is considered a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve since 30 June 2011.

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The interaction of some geological faults gave rise to the appearance of beautiful caves and recesses that give a peculiar profile to the island. It has an evident plateau character with numerous recesses.

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Temperate maritime climate. Coastal outcrop controlled by the Azores anticyclone (top of the escarpment of Canhão da Nazaré – one of the most important canyons – and in a transition zone between the Mediterranean and European sub-regions). Productivity and diversity of marine species and habitats. Unique landscape in the region.

Southern or northern limit of nesting of 3 species of seabirds (Shearwater, Roque-de-Castro and Galheta). Only place in Europe for nesting of 1 other species (airo). The sea is an important feeding area and concentration of seabirds.

The anchor blocks, collected at its anchorage, date from the beginning of the 4th century BC, the end of the 5th century. These archaeological remains relate to long-distance voyages of exogenous peoples.

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Know the rules of good conduct on the island, for the continuation of a sustainable archipelago.

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To Visit
Points of interest

Duke Bragança Lighthouse

Little castle

Fishermen's Quarter

Fort S.João Baptista


Duke Bragança Lighthouse

1841 – Construction (29 m high prismatic tower) during the reign of D. Maria II

It is located at the highest point of Berlenga Grande

Installed between 1897 and 1985, one of the two hyper-radiant Fresnel lenses that fitted Portuguese lighthouses, is now on display at the Museum Pole of the Lighthouse Directorate in Paço de Arcos

Electrification in 1926. Since 1985 it has been automatic and since 2001 it works with solar energy. The lighthouse still maintains the presence of lighthouse keepers

Little castle

Construction located on the Monastery path, and where today a small commercial establishment operates

It is reminiscent of an old watchtower from the 19th century. XVI above the old anchorage

Fishermen's Quarter

The site consists of the platform where the "Bairro dos Pescadores" is located today and an area of steep slope, which separates it from the pier.

Several vestiges of Roman times (Republic, High Empire and Low Empire) were identified: common, amphoric (which produces a sound similar to the sea) and construction ceramics and terra sigillata, in secondary deposition. From this period and even from the Punic occupation, several references were already known from underwater finds.

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Fort S.João Baptista

16th century - Berlenga Grande island, off the coast of Peniche, occupied by a community of Jerónimos friars who built the Berlenga Monastery of Misericórdia to help the castaways. However, the privateering attacks drove the friars away from the archipelago.

1640 - Mid 17th century - D. João IV orders the construction of a fortress on the island, with the aim of reinforcing the defense of the citadel of Peniche. The São João Baptista Fort was then built on an islet next to the island's cove and connected to it by a masonry bridge. The fortress project is attributed to engineer Mateus do Couto.

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Discover the available trails here.

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Packs and prices
Experiences and unique places from Peniche to Berlengas, on a glass bottom boat that you will not forget.

ESSENTIAL PACK: round trip

Adult: €22

Children: 0-10 years: €17


Adult: €25

Children: 0-10 years: €20

Adult: €30

Children: 0-10 years: €30


*Price per person + ecological tax, payable to ICNF

This package only includes the round trip to Berlenga Island.

Important: Check the season schedules and calendar here

CAVES PACK: round trip + visit to the caves


Adult: €31

children: 0-10 years: €26


Adult: €34

children: 0-10 years: €29

Adult: €40

children: 0-10 years: €40


*Price per person + ecological tax, payable to ICNF

This package includes the round trip to Berlenga Island + visit to the caves on a glass bottom boat.

Important: Check the season schedules and calendar here

COMPLETE PACKAGE: round trip + visit caves + walking tour


Adult: €36

Children: 0-10 years: €31


Adult: €39

children: 0-10 years: €34

Adult: €45

children: 0-10 years: €45


*Price per person + ecological tax, payable to ICNF

This package includes the round trip to Berlenga Island + visit to the caves on a glass bottom boat + guided walking tour.

Important: Check the season schedules and calendar here









Price on request

Important: Check the season schedules and calendar here

The natural beauty of Berlenga awaits you

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A trip that was worth every minute. The “Berlenga Live” team is spectacular and made our view of Berlengas even more pleasant.


Great. Professionalism, dedication and friendliness. Peaceful trip with bonus: seeing dolphins. I recommend.


Attentive and exemplary team throughout the process. In addition to the trip to Berlenga Island, the tour also included a walking tour and a visit to the island's caves, both very well guided. I strongly recommend.

Rita SPF

Peniche, Portugal (GPS: 39°21'11.0"N 9°22'42.7"W)

Largo da Ribeira Velha, Marina de Peniche, stand 10, 2520-619 Peniche



Trips may be canceled up to 15 minutes before the scheduled time, due to causes beyond the company's control, namely sea conditions, breakdowns, strikes, etc.

The vessel may differ from the marking due to passenger adjustment.

We are not responsible for any type of electronic equipment damaged during the trip, due to the user's negligence.

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